What is guilt?

Often happens that we do not forgive ourselves, we are always amazed of the infinite mercy of God; as He forgive us even when is not deserved. As Christians, we rejoice knowing that our salvation is secure in Jesus Christ and also our sins are washed away forever with His blood.

Although knowing this by faith, believing in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, subconsciously we carry the heavy burden of guilt, but that is unnecessary guilt that we feel it is just a false condemnation. Sometimes we feel compelled to carry this heavy burden, when in fact that was never God’s purpose. We must learn to let go and to feel free of our guilt.

Sometimes some people want to control or manipulate us, creating rules and standards that the Bible never mention. We must identify this false guilt and we must be very careful, we must pray and then get rid of them. On other occasions we carry the burdens of guilt simply because we not do what we are supposed to do with them. Let us consider some inappropriate responses to the real guilt:

In first place, we can suppress it. We try to cover it and deny its existence. We look at our insignificant guilt rather to recognize our real guilt. As a result, we lose our peace and sometimes even suffer physically.

In second place we can regret our mistake. Merely by saying I am “sorry” … and does not recognize the seriousness of our sin and the tremendous responsibility that we should have with ourselves.

In Third place, we may feel remorse and guilt for our failings and sins. But just by saying “I’ll never do it again, I promise, that is not enough. Judas felt remorse himself after betraying Christ (Matthew 27:3-4). However, he misses a step toward what the Bible calls repentance.

Repentance is the biblical way and correctly responds to sins. At the time we gave our life to Christ, our past, present and future sins, were forgiven. With the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross God’s justice was satisfied. But now as God’s children we must maintain communion with Him, to achieve this, we must confess our sins to the heavenly Father at the time when we realize that we have committed a sin.

One day someone wrote and said ?that the real fault is an internal alarm system that reveals sin in our lives and demonstrate the loss of a communion with God?. The Holy Spirit uses guilt to perturb us of our sins and take conscience to return to the Father. Once we got rid of the false guilt and do what we need to do with our sins, we are free from the burden of guilt. Isaiah 55:6-7 gives us this assurance: “Seek the Lord while you can find it.


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