The Directory of our Website “My Life in Abundance welcomes all peoples of America, the Antilles, Europe, Africa and Asia that have been visiting our website.

We have been following the attendance of our visitors from of all those mentioned countries. We are very grateful and appreciate the interest for reading our website and publications written therein while reiterating our intention is to be an instrument in the hands of God to carry out information of the Good News of Salvation to every creature in the world.

We want to make it clear, that we are not a particular church or that we practice a doctrine of man, no. We are a group of lay men and women with broad-based studies in the biblical context. Our intent is to make our visitors reach their own conclusions through the information and to consider our informative publications for their respective spiritual growth.
To our visitors we urge you to write us and make their own contributions, comments or suggestions; will be welcome for the enrichment of the page and for the benefit of other visitors, we would appreciate your participation.

We are particularly grateful to the Mexican people that massively and actively are visiting us, likewise the people of Colombia and Peru, all Central America, many U.S. States of that nation, the people of Spain and other European countries.

For us as humans we have been amazed to see the international interest in our page; but we know precisely that the God´s hand is the one that work, He is very concerned for the salvation of all His children, that is why we say: May the glory and honor to our Heavenly Father who makes these things possible.

Our thanks and recognition to all countries, brothers and sisters in the faith which together we all seek over the life source, “The Lord Word.”

On behalf of the Board of “MY LIFE IN ABUNDANCE” the Lord bless each of you and your respective nations in the name of the Lord.

Respectfully Yours,
Directory of My Life in Abundance

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