Special thanks to our Heavenly Father, his Son our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God for allowing us the privilege to serve and promote the Good News of Salvation and His kingdom.

Also a special thanks to all our sponsors’ visitors to our Web page for encourage and motivate us to work with excellence and effort throughout all the ministries that makes up the page.

For the New Year ahead we have faith in the Lord to further expand our projects and services for you.

We are committed to the Lord and to our visitors for their loyalty and interest of our page. Our special greetings and thanks to our audience in Canada, North America, Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe that has been steady and interested in our Christian work.

To all our visitors we wish you a Merry Christmas and a lot of prosperity in the coming year; we bless all the families on earth. We will pray for the true peace that only can come from our Lord Jesus to be with you within your heart.

In the name which is above every name Jesus Christ.

Respectfully Yours,


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