Is a violence that occurs in someone’s home, and it happens often. This violence can be between spouses, siblings, parents and children, etc.

Causes: I believe that the causes can be a clash of personality or expectations. Especially in a parent vs. child situation, the cause can be that a parent has an expectation of their child that either the child physically or mentally cannot accomplish, or straight up do not want to do. In some situations, there will be a clash of personality between a parent and a child, which can also cause violence in a household.

Consequences: There can be many consequences, and I feel as if I will be focusing on parent vs. child the most, but I will touch on spouses as well. Many times, if a child is abused as a child, they will become a bigger abuser. If you are violent with a spouse, or a spouse is violent with you, this can either lead to separation or divorce, in most situations.

How can it be fixed: There needs to be some sort of distinction violence and arguments. A little argument is something way different than violence. An argument would probably be verbal, and maybe someone will throw something across the room. Plain violence is when someone is physically, mentally, or sexually abusing someone else. I believe that one way that this can be fixed is by talking things out. Before you throw something at your wife, and before you abuse your child, stop and think, “Is this really going to be beneficial? Are they going to stop what they’re doing?” In most cases, if you hit a child, they will only have the urge to act out two times worse, rather than get better, — they want to test your power.

In conclusion, I think that intrafamiliar violence is something that needs to be dealt with seriously. If you abuse your child, later in life, they will most likely become a bigger abuser. If you are having violence issues in your household, you should definitely consult a therapist and have them speak with you and your family to come up with ways of coping with your anger and frustration.

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