How to Reconcile a Broken Relationship

If a real love was there before, then the possibility of reconciliation may be is possible. You may not be able to turn back the clock or make the mistakes disappear but you can give that love another chance. If you have both been able to step back away from the mistake(s) and have been given enough time to breathe you may be able to come back together just to talk. You certainly don’t want to rush right back into it.

Resolve the Issues

There were problems that interrupted the good relationship. You need to make sure that you are able to move past it and have any unresolved issues resolved. How can you think about starting where you left off when where you left off, was an ugly situation. Work through the problems, if you can’t solve the problems. Your reunification will only be temporary.

The break up may have happened because of one event. It could have been because of that one behavior one of you couldn’t handle the other doing. Whatever the problem you need to find out how to either accept or deal with the problem. Find out how to reconcile a broken relationship.

Share the Blame

If the issue was one cheating on the other that may be hard to overcome. Trust has been broken and getting that trust back will be difficult. Usually, cheating results from one partner’s lack of commitment to the other. So, the other cheats. Therefore, both partners are to blame. Overcoming the heartbreak of this is difficult and needs to be given some time and a reason to believe that there can be trust again. This is an area that marriage counseling or other type of couple’s therapy can be helpful.

Is This the Right Thing To Do?

More than anything, if you want to know how to reconcile a broken relationship, you have to be confident that it is the right thing to do. Just ask yourself, is this the right thing to do? I suppose the right question to ask yourself is, do you love him/her.

How do you make sure you’re going to be better off with, than without them? There is no way of knowing. If you still love him/her than it’s worth taking the chance. Or if children are involved you must consider their best interest.

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