Financial Problems in Marriage

Financial problems in marriage are becoming one of the apparent causes for strained relationship of married couples. The financial problems in marriage need to be tackled wisely, rather than aggressively. We like to give you some useful tips, which will help you learn how to tackle financial crisis.

Financial Problems in Marriage
?    One of the most common financial problems between married couples is the mere lack of money. The couple might not be financially well settled to satisfy all their needs.
?    There are many cases, where the couple is not wealthy enough to meet even their basic amenities. Problems might creep in, even if the couple earns enough money, but always aspires for a luxurious living that doesn’t fit into their budget.
?    A very common financial problem is the contrasting nature of the married couple, when it comes to spending money. One of them might be a spendthrift, while the other might be a miser. This often triggers clashes between the couple, which paves the way for financial problems.
?    Another case is the one, where both of them might be spendthrifts. Compulsive shopping would empty their pockets at the end of the month, which lands them in a financial crisis.
?    Some married couples spend a major part of their lives, repaying the debts in the form of installments. Financial problem occurs, when they are overburdened with loans.

How to Tackle Financial Crisis

?    First, do not hide your financial problems from your partner. Talk about your financial situation to your significant half, openly.


?    Stop the blame to your partner. If any of you is at fault, leave it aside and focus on what to do in order to overcome the financial crisis.


?    Make a list of your fixed expenses and flexible expenses. The fixed expenses shall include the necessities for the family including rent, utility bills, school fees of your children, expenses of your family’s health, grocery items etc. Paying off debts and installments for the loans will also be included in the fixed expenses. The flexible expenses shall include vacation plans, weekend dinner/lunch at restaurants etc.
?    After having laid down the list of the fixed and flexible expenses, set an estimated budget. Ensure that you have given first priority to the fixed expenses.

?    Planning is the best way to protect your family from a major financial crisis, rather than just sitting and hoping for the best, when the economic position continues to weaken.

?    Always plan your financial goals in a realistic manner. By planning realistically, you would be able to satisfy your needs and manage the finances smoothly.

?    Never foresee your financial capacity, because you never know, when you would be burdened with a crisis.


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