Usually the human behavior beings acting in a predictable manner let us discuss one from Christian point of view.

With the passing of time I have noticed that for various reasons the mood of some Christians tend to fall. Perhaps and not necessarily depart from the Lord´s way, but rather slow down from the way they stated, slow down from their first love.
It seems to suffer from boredom and perhaps it´s transient, but with the passing of the years, something happens between our personal lives and our relationship with the Lord. Maybe we the Christians are very confident and we tend to drop our guard, until achieving mediocre level of faith. 

Life itself is not at steady pace, is composed of high and low, maybe you’re going through one of those stages, where you do not even feel like praying, do not feel the desire to read the Bible or to congregate, it becomes an internal struggle, the desire to serve that you have before is gone and you feel like a spiritual zombie.

What can we do about it? Let´s see it from a biblical perspective.

Revelation 3:2 says, ?Be watchful, and strengthen the things that are to die for I have not found your work perfect before God.?

Examines which is what brought you down to this spiritual point:

Try to remember your best moments, those when you prayed, when you read the Bible, when you congregated and served with joy and feel the edification of your spiritual life.

You had great hunger to learn more every day of the Lord´s way. What did motivate you at that time? What was that made everything spiritual joy? I think the answer is: “The disposition within your heart.?

We must understand that our heart cannot swell with pride, much less allow the humility that we have initially been overshadowed by the ego or believe that you know everything. While you do not keep a humble heart, is unlikely to improve your spiritual state. Humility of heart is very essential for the constant spiritual renewal. It is necessary to reaffirm anything that at one time was firm, but the spiritual oversight is eroding.

Revelation 3:3 says, “Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast and repent. Well, if not watch, I will come like a thief, and not know what hour I will come upon you. “
The primary key to renew our spiritual life here is: ACTION: You may be looking as low spiritual mood despite trying to demonstrate in front of other people that you have high spiritual esteem, but inside you know well that there is nothing to applaud your spiritual life. But if you do NOTHING and instead of just power yourself, you will drop into the abyss of mediocrity, and then hardly you will come out of there.

It is therefore important the ACTION, I know that you are not willing to pray, I know I do not feel like reading the Bible, I know that you have no desire to congregate, but sometimes things are not done by desire, but because IT IS NECESSARY TO DO IT. What I mean by this is that although you are not willing to do anything to improve your spiritual life, YOU MUST DO IT!, Habits are achieved only through constant practice.

For a moment think of the following:
What would happen if one day you decide  that you do not want to eat any more, not to drink water?, Spend a few days and may not feel the urge to do it, but sooner or later your body will begin to weaken to the point to cause you physical death. That’s why food is not an option but a necessity for the survival of human beings.
Also it is the same in the spiritual, not by desire, is not an option, it is necessary for the subsistence of the spiritual life, which is why some of us are so weak that sin has taken over our lives, ask yourself:


How we are fed spiritually?
Beloved, do not allow the enemy defeat us, let us win, we must fight all that is necessary, cultivate a life of daily prayer life daily reading of His word, make a habit to congregate because we need a spirit of service to be awake by of the actions mentioned above. Please do not let them die, you are worth much and the Lord’s hands are a powerful weapon, please share.

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