Do not fall into the overprotection of the child because of remorse or guilty conscience; you must continue to address them as a “normal” child according his/her age. Please “do not help him/her grow, eventually he/she will end up behaving more childish and immature way.

All people have strengths and weaknesses, and also parents. Talk with the other progenitor´s child with real arguments without falling into fiction.

It is preferable that on the days of visitation, not be overfilled with activities, because if you take the time to do too much, there is no time to chat, and communicate with them.

The most conflicting points of parents after separation often are: children, money and new relationships. Try to be objective and not try to put the child on your side. Try to solve these issues, without involving the children.

It is preferable for children, who again becomes a family of man and woman, although one is not the real parent; it will repair the broken links, but will require time to accept this new situation by all concerned.

The divorced couples should strive to never talk bad to their children about the other spouse, especially if it had showed care for their children. Couple in conflict must take into account that children detect to some extent the parent´s problems, or they perceive the situation among their parents, make no mistakes, they know.

Once the couple has separated, for God sake, never try to bribe your children, trying to win them with favors or whims that they may demand, the tendency is to take advantage of the situation and even manipulate it. Instead, take the opportunity to educate them about principles and values.

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Dr. Alberto J. Arana. Clinical Psychologist. Ministerio de Asesoría Familiar. ?Mi Vida en  Abundancia?.



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