There are several causes of infidelity; in this article we will address only the most common ones.
Deceit – this is such an ugly word. Most people trust their romantic partners implicitly. This is indeed a virtue that all couples should nurture for one another. However, betrayal of trust does happen and when it does, it leaves the other person devastated and hurt beyond words. Can infidelity be prevented? Is there any way to circumvent such emotional disaster?

Fortunately, the answer to these questions is yes. This does not mean that you can by any means, guarantee that your life partner would never stray; however, if you are aware about what could cause it, you could often take early steps to prevent it. Prevention from finding your partner cheating could even mean accepting that the relationship is no longer viable and letting your partner go to find his or her happiness elsewhere.

Beware; the following factors are the most common causes of infidelity:

1. Feeling neglected – this is one of the most dangerous emotional problems in any relationship. As long you make your partner feel that he or she is the number 1 in your life, everything would look and feel wonderful. When these changes and you find yourself paying more attention to your career, children, social life, relatives, your partner or spouse would feel neglected. In such time it is easier for them to find the security and affection missing at home through an affair.

2. Low self-esteem – sometimes, lack of appreciation, work stress and aging makes a person feel less wanted, less valuable. This is highly accentuated around middle-age. In order to boost their low esteem they choose to prove to themselves that they are still “valued” in the market and go ahead and develop an extramarital affair.

3. Seeking excitement – in some cases the marriage or relationships reach a point where both partners take each other for granted and though there is nothing really amiss, there are no more sparks there, either. The involvement therefore, would be something that adds a little excitement to a mundane life.

4. Too much work and too little leisure
– in fact middle age being the time you are contemplating a big move or a big step towards establishing yourself as a successful professional, you might tend to spend too little time with your family. What happens in that case is that your partner would look elsewhere for company, talking, affection and the “understanding” that they are no longer receiving from you. Often these “finding a better company” would turn into full fledge affairs.

5. Falling out of love – this is very much possible and true This can happen to anyone – you or your partner – and when it does it would be necessary to accept the fact, keeping in mind that under no circumstance the affairs of the heart cannot be forced, bought or manipulated. In order to keep the fires burning in the heart, you need to ensure that you communicate closely, share responsibilities in and out the home, including raising the children, among others.

These are the top five causes of infidelity; watch out for each one of them because if you choose to ignore such major signs, you would end up with an extramarital affair on your hands.


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