AN INVITATION TO OUR VISITORS TO BE PART OF OUR TEAM. (Taking into account our Statement Of Faith)


a) We believe in God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, the only true God.

b) We believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, coexistent with the Father in his incarnation, atoning death, his work intercessor before the Father and His second coming to judge the living and the dead.

c) We believe in the Holy Spirit to convince the sinner, his work and life-giving sanctifying the believer. His label, baptism and fullness in every man needed to develop effective life and ministry.

d) We believe in the church as the Body of Christ, in the communion, unity, fellowship of existing ministries. To achieve impact and transforming the environment where it was located to serve.

e) We believe that every believer in Jesus Christ exists to establish and to demonstrate the Kingdom of God through the preaching of the “Good News”, using the necessary means at their disposal to do so.

f) We believe in Universal Responsibility of the Believer, assigned by God to be a good steward of God’s creation, gifts, skills, projecting it as a true leader in your family, community and nation.

g) We believe in man’s restoration to the communion with God to have a continuous and consistent relationship with Jesus and their peers

h) We believe in serving as a source of human fulfillment.

i) We believe that the Bible is the word of God revealed to men the only rule of faith and conduct through which communicate values and principles that contribute to fulfilling God’s purpose for human life.

To our readers and visitors of our website, we extend this invitation to be part of this team, joining forces, cooperating in various ways, such as your contributions of ideas, comments, or anything constructive that can help enrich and broadening of our website, for the Glory and Honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe we are one family in Christ, no matter what country we are planted, because wherever we are, we have a mission to comply, as we feel that we are one body in Christ.

For more information and details, please write to us, all that is needed is the personal disposition and readiness to be a spokesman for the Good News of Salvation.


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