There are three main areas related to alcoholism and the family: the genetic, the processes of the family environment, and family-oriented treatment.
This is a relevant topic because it comes at a time when there has been a general movement to exclude the entry of many types of alcohol treatment professionals. Fortunately, family therapists have been historically more welcome in the treatment of alcoholics than more of others professional disciplines. It is time, however, that the field of family therapy has a sound scientific basis for its critical role in building a therapeutic approach for alcoholics.

The genetic aspect in alcoholics is definitely influential, but not necessarily condemned, this will depend on the conditions under which these subjects are developed both, within the family and the environment they lived in their childhood, they are not predestined to be alcoholics unless conditions given as is the learning of abnormal behaviors, such as dysfunctional families. This is somewhat similar to the case of diabetics, they are genetically prone to the possibilities of developing the disease, it is very real, but if you take all preventive medical precautions, food, physical exercise, most likely will live a normal adult life and never develop the diabetic condition, much like the case of alcoholism.


Environmental and cultural factors, the genetic variants have been identified as correlates to alcohol use among many people prone to using the substance. This study assessed alcohol consumption by parents, acculturation and ALDH2 gene status in relation to life, episodes of current and past consumption.


It is important to heavy drinkers know that there is help for them, and the best help comes from themselves; admitting in principle that they have a problem who are unable to control. There are stages that alcoholism is manifested and this is precisely what leads them through the various levels. Take consciousness with these stages: First we have the occasional drinker, only drink on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or other special events, the social drinker, likes parties, goes out occasionally with friends to places where there is a sale of liquor, they say just to go for “release the stress ” and tries to do it on weekends. Then we have the heavy drinker, not only drinks on weekends but also on weekdays, always looking for an excuse to drink, then we have the consuetudinary drinker, this is the one who needs to take a drink every day in order to function.

The best known centers until today and with great effectiveness are the centers of Alcoholics Anonymous, for the alcoholic, and for the family the centers of Alanon, there are private clinics, psychologists, counselors, private experts in the field, everyone can be a great help.
Of course this issue is much deeper, if you are interested that we write more in the topic, please let us know, we are here to serve you.

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